Repair Available in Red Oak, TX

A lawn getting a sprinkler repair in Red Oak, TX

Landscape Irrigation Services


Abundant Sprinkler has been repairing sprinkler systems in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area since 1996.

Family owned and Operated. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

Licensed by the State of Texas. LI#0005320

We repair all Sprinkler Systems and we offer Maintenance Programs for any Sprinkler        System.

We also specialize in Add-On's & Upgrades to existing systems​

Our Visit Will always include:


  1. Assessing your system and giving a estimate
  2. Checking your Sprinkler System. Adjusting heads ans spray patterns
  3. Setting your sprinkler controller
  4. Checking rain sensor
  5. Checking for any leaks (heads, pipes, valves)
  6. Answering any questions


Listed below are possible irrigation services and repairs that your system might  need:

  • Install new heads or rotors
  • Repair or adjust heads, valves, rotors
  • Move water lines or heads
  • Locate lost valve zones or repair cut electrical zone wires
  • Repair broken water, lateral ,or main lines
  • Adjust controllers and set up for proper watering
  • Sprinkler Controller troubleshooting and replacement
  • Backflow repair and replacement (Double check or PVB)


System Add-Ons & Up  Grades

  • Identify the area of your lawn that specifically needs attention.
  • Develop and design proper water usage and sprinkler coverage.
  • Work up a quality and affordable estimate.​
  • Perform the work in a timely manner


Abundant sprinkler is  excellent at there job. They give 110%. The work is excellent and the  price is very reasonable. I have used there services since 2007 and am  pleased every single time.      -Rita 

These guys were great! Very  professional and courteous. They checked my system fully and fixed several heads.  -Patricia